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The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game

As you might have guessed, this insight has been inspired by ABBA. I have unashamedly loved ABBA since I was 5. Even when I was enough of a Rock Chick for Bruce Dickinson to ask me to be in one of his videos (long, but true, story), I still loved ABBA.

I have enjoyed watching ABBA being rediscovered; first with the release of ABBA Gold, then the stage show Mamma Mia and, more recently, the film incarnation of the show.

It occurred to me, as I sat down to enjoy the new Mamma Mia film this weekend, that the peaks in the group’s popularity have dovetailed with times that have been difficult, economically and politically - the 70s, the early 90s and 2008, for example. And, as most daily headlines testify, we live in challenging times again; indeed, it seems we have forgotten that there is more that unites us than divides us. 

Abba gives us that illusive feelgood factor and the new film is no exception. We laughed (a lot), cried (quite a bit) and a few brave souls even sang along. But the buzz as we all left (top tip, stay until the end of the credits) was that lovely warm fuzzy feeling of having shared a genuinely enjoyable experience.

So, what has this got to do with Managers’ Library?

Think about the periods you go through with your team. Sometimes, work life can get stressful; there might be a demanding customer, a tight deadline or a challenging target. Or perhaps individuals are struggling to work together. Every team has its ups and downs. 

When the going gets tough, what’s needed is a chance to recalibrate, to laugh together, to succeed together, to be impressed by one another.

Creating those positive experiences during our busy working lives can feel like an impossible challenge; but it’s not. Indeed, at your fingertips you have a myriad of Team Activities that will help you and your team members reflect, regroup and refocus.

There are loads to choose from, but if you have a team that would benefit from reconnecting, here are some great options:

If you have two (or more) team members who are struggling to get along, activities like Different PerspectivesSpeak Up and Planning a Difficult Conversation are great places to start.

Whichever activity you choose, remember that, in this instance, The Winner doesn’t Take it All, it is (after all) about Knowing Me, Knowing You because that is the best thing we can do. ?? 


August 2 2018 Frances Ferguson
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