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Thursday Insight: Sharpen Your Saw

A few months ago, I started looking into Wellbeing and Mindfulness and how it could help improve workplace performance.

Since then, the world has....

Frances Ferguson
May 7 2020
Thursday Insight: New Ways

A manager’s role involves much more than telling people what to do; it is about engaging, inspiring and influencing.

With many now becoming a ‘re....

Frances Ferguson
April 2 2020
Thursday Insight: Secret Mission

I’ve just read a brilliant Facebook post designed to help teachers. It contains an idea that we could all try with our teams. This is how the teacher described it:

Frances Ferguson
February 13 2020
Thursday Insight: January Blues

After the Yuletide celebrations, January is the month when we’re likely to ‘return to earth with a bump’.

Indeed, the third Monday in January is ....

Frances Ferguson
January 23 2020
Thursday Insight: Gavin and Stacey

I was a tad excited when our favourite Barry Island/Essex families returned to the TV this Christmas. As Ness would say, the news was “lush”.


Frances Ferguson
January 9 2020

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