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Thursday Insight - Horsing Around

Living where I do, there comes a week every year when th....

Frances Ferguson
March 16 2017
A Different Perspective

T’is the season of goodwill to all, and so it feels fitting to end the year....

Frances Ferguson
December 19 2016
Making the Comfortable Uncomfortable and the Uncomfortable Comfortable

Six months ago I did something very unexpected: I joined a running club. Admittedly I chose a very gentle option just for beginners and the first weeks involved a lot more ....

Frances Ferguson
November 21 2016
Thursday Insight: Curveballs

The nights are drawing in, the clocks have gone back; the heating has gone on. Venturing into town the shops are, unsubtly, reminding me that Christmas is just around the....

Frances Ferguson
November 5 2016
Implementing Change: The Recipe for Success

Have you ever had an unexpected change forced on you? How did it feel to have the status quo suddenly thrown off kilter? Did you feel shocked? Angry? 


Frances Ferguson
September 16 2016

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