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Thursday Insight: Gavin and Stacey

I was a tad excited when our favourite Barry Island/Essex families returned to the TV this Christmas. As Ness would say, the news was “lush”.


Frances Ferguson
January 9 2020
Thursday Insight: The Power of You

Recently I discussed The Power of Nice and the difference simple, unexpected, acts of kindness can make.

Since then, I’ve heard the inspiring sto....

Frances Ferguson
October 17 2019
Thursday Insight: Miss Communication

Last week, I got to attend our third Discovery Day and deliver training to a room f....

Frances Ferguson
October 3 2019
Thursday Insight: Conflict Resolution

One of the hardest things managers deal with are team members who cannot work harmoniously together. It’s made doubly difficult when the individuals in conflict are, in a....

Frances Ferguson
September 12 2019
Thursday Insight: #BeBrave

As you may know, my son, Finn, has to deal with challenges that most of us are lucky enough not to face. With the support of others, including the awesome team at Glassta....

Frances Ferguson
September 6 2019

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