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Thursday Insight: The Power of Nice

Thursday Insight: The Power of Nice

My last Insight was about the difference it makes to our day when we connect with others. 

Since then, two things have occurred that have got me thinking further about this topic. 

Firstly, I discovered this brilliant article, which I encourage you to read.

The other event was also about connections on public transport and happened a few days ago.

As some of you may know from previous articles, my son, Finn, has additional needs. He is marvellous in many ways, but some things that are ordinary for many of us, feel like an almost insurmountable challenge to Finn. Going on a train is one such challenge.

It’s a challenge that Finn really wanted to overcome, so we arranged a journey for him that would be relatively easy, with no changes. At the station, I introduced Finn to the train manager and explained that this was an experience that would be a challenge for Finn. 

Imagine my joy when the train manager took the time to speak to Finn as an equal and told him that, for this journey, he was going to be upgraded to First Class. I can’t tell you how happy that made Finn. An experience that was scaring him became an exciting adventure and a source of pride. And the train manager even took the time to introduce Finn to the team member who took over from him part way through the journey.

In fact, all the GWR team who interacted with Finn that day went out of their way to ensure Finn had a positive experience.

The experience made me think about how I could brighten someone else’s day by a simple act of kindness. And as my mind wandered, I recalled all the times in the training room when I’ve asked the question, “Who is the best manager you have ever worked for?”

Without exception, the answers always involved a manager who went the extra mile for their team and their customers/end users. 

Think about it. Who was the best manager you ever worked for? Why do you rate them so highly?

The chances are you’re thinking about someone who made a big difference to the success and experience of others.

So, my challenge for all of us is to reflect on what we can learn from these awesome individuals and use that insight to make a positive difference for others, perhaps within our own team at work. 

If you are in need of further motivation, our Employee Engagement video and study guides might help you to identify where a simple, unexpected act of kindness could make a big difference. Alternatively, is there someone like Finn in your organisation? What could you do to champion and support them?

All of us have it in our power to do the little things that change someone’s day, week or even their year. We just need to work out how.

Good luck. 

July 18 2019 Frances Ferguson
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