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Tuesday Insight - Desire and Ability

Tuesday Insight - Desire and Ability

There are two things that determine how someone performs at work: Their desire to do a good job, and their ability to do a good job.

If you can lead your team members in a way that means they WANT to do a good job for you, and the wider organisation, and develop their skills so that they CAN do a great job, chances are you’ll have a team of superstars!

New Self Study:
That’s the topic of our latest self-study, Managing Performance - Desire and Ability

It’s a practical guide that gives you an opportunity to reflect on where your team members are now and what actions you’ll take to individually manage their performance. And it’s a self-study we suggest you come back to periodically as you continue to monitor your success.

Of course, Desire and Ability are driven by many things. Desire, for example will be affected by how engaged your team feel, the way you give feedback, and what motivates them individually. Luckily, there are loads of tools in Managers’ Library to help with these too. 

What Motivates My Team?
You’ll notice that I used the word individually in both of the previous two paragraphs. It’s an important word. Remember, what drives your desire to achieve a great performance will be different to your colleagues – we are all motivated by different things. 

If you'd like to explore what motivates your team members, have a look at our selfstudy on the topic:

Remember, a one size fits all approach to motivating your team is never going to be as effective as thinking about your team members as individuals.

March 29 2016 Rod Webb
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