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The Price of Negative Thinking

Time required:

10 minutes.

What it does:

Gives your team members an opportunity to realise the frequency of their negative thoughts and the impact this has on them, and indeed, those around them.

flagThis activity is suitable for remote delivery.

flagThis activity can be explained in a group situation or on a 1:1 basis. It is best debriefed on a 1:1 basis though.

You will need:

A set of Negative Thought Tokens per participant and two envelopes, one marked 'Start of the Day' and the other 'Counting the Thoughts'.

Negative Thought Tokens are provided in the Resources tab (print and cut out one sheet of tokens per participant).

In a nutshell:

Each participant has 20 tokens and every time they have a negative though they must place one token in an envelope to highlight the frequency of the thoughts.

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