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The Power of JDI

The Power of JDI

Here in the UK we are experiencing the time of year when we get half our annual bank holidays in the space of a few weeks (though sadly no extra day off this time for the impending Royal Wedding).

Like most people, I prefer spending these precious days with loved ones or just enjoying a slightly slower pace of life. However, over the recent Easter weekend, with my 3 children on a rare weekend away with their Dad, I decided that much as I would love to relax, my list of DIY tasks simply could not be ignored.

My list was long; none of the tasks were huge in themselves, but their combined effect was to cause my heart to sink every time I walked into a room and saw all the little things that STILL needed doing.

So, I made a promise to myself, to get as much done over the 4-day weekend as possible, in the hope that I could enjoy the subsequent bank holidays.

Holes were filled and sanded, paintwork retouched, broken door handles replaced, shelves put up, my store room/garage was emptied and my utility room re-organised and given a fresh coat of paint.

I won’t pretend it was easy. I certainly won’t pretend that I enjoyed it. But what I can say is that clearing so many items from my ‘To Do List’ felt completely stress busting!

Getting so many jobs done made me reflect upon all the times that I have avoided the tasks I knew needed doing; they’d often fester on my ‘To do List’ because I wasn’t sure I could tackle them successfully. Yet when I finally had a JDI (Just Do It!) moment and tackled them, I discovered that they really weren’t as difficult or scary as I had imagined.

Even when the tasks were tough, I got a huge feeling of accomplishment and an enormous sense of pride and relief from doing them that lasted long afterwards.

I am guessing that the relief and satisfaction of finally doing something you have been putting off for ages is something most of us have experienced; it’s a really good feeling.

So, my challenge to you is to spend the next 15 minutes looking at your To Do List and really asking yourself, “What do I need to do in the next 7 days to clear the tasks I have been avoiding?” 

Be honest with yourself and identify the tasks that, upon completion, will make the biggest difference to your peace of mind.

If you want some ideas that will help you tackle some of those difficult tasks you’ve been putting off, here are a few tools that might help:

All the best


April 24 2018 Frances Ferguson
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