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Thursday Insight - Why Objectives Matter

Thursday Insight - Why Objectives Matter

When I first became a manager, I was given the worst performing department in our business. It was meant to be a place where I could learn the ropes without doing any real damage; after all the results couldn’t get any worse…

But, with the unwavering support of my manager, I decided I wanted my approach to be more than “do no harm”; I wanted to turn things around.

I won’t pretend the journey was easy. I won’t pretend that at times I wasn’t scared. I certainly won’t pretend I didn’t make mistakes along the way.

But one thing I learned was the power of setting clear, challenging targets and following up on them. What my team also learned was that I expected a lot, but if they delivered, they’d be recognised and rewarded for their success.

I was reminded once again of the power of clear objectives when I delivered some training to fellow training professionals last week using our brilliant Filing Frenzy cards.

We started with a challenge so deliberately vague that no-one could be confident they had completed it. Looking round the room, I could see looks of intense concentration, puzzlement and determination; the participants wanted to succeed but had no idea how to, or what success looked like. Consequently, no-one came close to achieving the goal. 

So I asked them to try again, but this time gave them a bit more information about how to get the right result. The additional information meant that most teams got closer to success; though some were adamant that the lack of information meant that they could do exactly what they chose to do and they would be “right”.

Finally, I gave them a really clear explanation of the challenge; now they knew exactly what success looked like. The energy levels in the room rose as the teams rushed to deliver; the excited chatter got louder and was quickly joined by the sounds of celebration as they succeeded. Looking around, there were lots of happy and proud faces looking back at me; they were all, in their own way saying, “I did it!”

If you want to remind your team why you set them challenges, why they have clear objectives/KPIs and why it feels great to achieve them, here’s an objective for you, with a clear reward for the right outcome. ;-)

Your Objective:
Try out ‘Why Objectives Matter’ yourself.

And Your Reward?
Order them before 14th July and we’ll give you an extra £5 off your set of the Filing Frenzy cards needed to run the exercise!

June 29 2017 Frances Ferguson
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