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Making the Comfortable Uncomfortable and the Uncomfortable Comfortable

Making the Comfortable Uncomfortable and the Uncomfortable Comfortable

Six months ago I did something very unexpected: I joined a running club. Admittedly I chose a very gentle option just for beginners and the first weeks involved a lot more walking than running.

As we progressed, one golden rule remained: you were not allowed to run at a speed that made you so out of breath that you couldn’t talk to the person running alongside you. Why was this rule so important? It meant that the weekly run was a sociable experience to be enjoyed rather than endured - and it worked! By the end of the program, pretty much all of us could run 5k with ease and graduated to the group doing 8k runs.

I have reflected upon what this experience has taught me in terms of my own personal development and also helping others to perform better at work.

I concluded, as the title suggests, that it’s all about making a journey. A journey where we challenge our ‘comfortable’ status quo and work towards the goal of a new ‘normal’; a goal that might scare us right now, but slowly begins to feel attainable.

It’s about saying that I personally want to do things differently and I’m prepared to take each of the small steps necessary to build up my skills/stamina/ability so that I can do them with ease.

The goal of Managers’ Library is to support managers as they do this for themselves and for their teams. It is a tool to help you to grow your own skill sets (the Study Guides and the Hints and Tips) and also help you to develop your team (Training Activities).

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and have a look at some of the training activities that that will help you and your team. There are plenty to choose from so here are a few of my favourites:
If you’re feeling really brave then I personally love exercises like Golf Ball Challenge and Pieland Fling as a great way to involve your team in exercises where they can’t help but learn a lot about themselves and their colleagues.

All of this, of course, requires change, so a good place to start your own self-development would be our new video, Inspiring Change. Remember, this isn't just about inspiring change in your team but in the way you work with your team too.

November 21 2016 Frances Ferguson
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Frances Ferguson

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