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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills
Many of us have to deliver presentations in our working lives, but few of us relish the feeling of standing up in front of a group of people and presenting to them. But if we want to be able to infleunce other people, we need to get good at it.

The following hints and tips are designed to help you move from ‘surviving’ the experience of presenting to others to thriving in that environment.
Starting to Present
An often quoted ‘fact’ is that when it comes to things we are scared of, speaking in public ranks higher than dying. Most of us escape the ordeal of public speaking relatively unharmed; this doesn’t stop it feeling very dautning when we are new to it.

The good news is that even the most experienced and gifted speakers will tell you that they get nervous before speaking, but that the adrenaline that comes with the nerves actually helps them to deliver more effectively.

So embrace the nerves, accept they will be there, and try these tips to help you to deliver effective presentations.
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